The Bruins Amazing Stat-Streak Continues


The Bruins were down to the Montreal Canadiens last night. If you’ve been following the most dominant team in NHL history recently, you’ve noticed that the score didn’t really matter.


That’s how good this Bruins team is.


Full-transparency; There is no way this team should be doing the things that they are. It’s both confusing and dumbfounding how they are absolutely dominating opponents. 


The 5th defenseman is playing like Bobby Orr. The ghosts of Phil Esposito (the sober ghost, at least) Cashman, and the rest of the 1970 team are firing on all-cylinders.


As a puck-head, I figured the Bruins were good for maybe 3-4 wins more than last season. Every season brings a new challenge and all of that. New coaching-boost etc.


I look like a complete asshat. For now.


The Bruins are currently functioning on a completely different level of dominance.


Some Numbers…


Before last night’s win against the Canadiens, the Bruins had this amazing stat:


They were +81 goals-against before playing Montreal last night. The next closest team was +42.


Wanna get sick? The Bruins were +42, IN THE 3rd PERIOD; for the year.


That was before they hung 2 goals on the Habs in the third-period last night to win 4-2. +44. In the THIRD PERIOD!!! That is mind-numbing.




We’re all aware that “hockey” generally means nothing in the US. Whatever. 


It is worth noting that what the Bruins are doing right now is of historical significance. The NHL celebrated it’s 100th anniversary a few years ago. No team has EVER been so dominant to begin the season. In over 100 years.


This is where I have to piss on the campfire, however. As a Bruins fan for all of my life, 2011 was the outlier. The Bruins choke. It’s what they do. 


Bruins fans love to point and laugh at the absolute choke that Toronto did in 2013.



While that was epic-fail, the Bruins don’t have a much better track-record. Tuuka Rask shit down his pads against the Blackhawks to lose the Cup in Game 6 in 2013.. It took them 39 years to win a Cup in 2011 since their last one. Not exactly some sort of buzzsaw.


If this historically “significant” team finishes the mission, I will give them an all-time write-up.


But, they have to close the deal.


Bruins fans KNOW, that you have to show your work if you want to be considered amongst the greats of all-time. Especially in Boston, where the championship parades out-number citizens without a felony-charge or a cousin that has one.


While the numbers look awesome on paper at the moment, it means nothing unless names are engraved on Lord Stanley, and Phil Prichard is watching Marchand drink some weird concoction of booze out of it.


If the Bruins don’t close this out, it will go down as one of the all-time greatest-fails in pro-sports history.


Buckle-up. The taint-tightening is just beginning.


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