Patriots Week 3 Recap – What They Did Right

Patriots Week 3 Recap - What They Did Right

The Patriots lost a battle with the Ravens last week, but the team looked much better as a unit. Tommy Burch breaks down the game, gives you the Patriots Week 3 recap, and what they did to keep the game alive.

Patriots Week 3 Recap – What They Did Right

Last week, I had a couple of things to say about the Patriots. In my article “Patriots Downfall – What They Need to Fix”, I highlighted my many concerns regarding the way their team has handled the offseason and what they have done successfully so far.

Although they did lose to a great Ravens team last Sunday, they made major improvements. Although the Mac Jones injury is going to stall their progress, they improved offensively in almost every regard. Although the Ravens’ defense is nothing special, they still played well against a strong team, proving they still have a spark left.

Game Recap

The game, although lost by multiple scores, was close for most of it. The team had a combined almost 150 rushing yards with 3 touchdowns. The passing yardage looks nice on paper, with throwing for 321 yards on almost 70% efficiency.

The Pats were up 20-14 early in the 3rd quarter, but the energy quickly shifted. Baltimore scored on a pass from Jackson, then after another stop, Duvernay head-tapped Myles Bryant for a touchdown in the corner of the end zone.

Then Mac Jones was picked off, then after a couple more drives, he threw another disgusting interception. Nelson Agholor fumbled, Lamar scored, and Jones threw one more pick for good measure. The 0:3 touchdown to interception ratio was not a good look to end the game, and Jones getting injured didn’t help either.

Things Were… Better?

I know, saying that things were “better” this week against Baltimore may seem like a stretch. 3 intercveptions, no touchdowns, and the inability to make a stop on defense just put them in prime smack-talk position.

However, I made multiple points about this team that they hit on throughout the game, proving they are indeed on the road to improvement. They focused on what they were good at and continued to maintain their integrity until the game dictated their plays.

I made a comment about how important the run game is for them, and it came to fruition. Rhamondre Stevenson ran for 73 yards and a touchdown at a rate of 6.1 yards per carry, Damien Harris for 41 yards and a score with 3.7 yards per carry, and even Mac Attack got in on the action with 31 yards and a score.

Their yards were efficient, and the run game was dominant. The fact that they only ran the ball 27 times as a team when they averaged 5.4 yards per carry as a squad. This is going to be a very important talking point going into next week, especially with Brian Hoyer at the wheel.

I also stated that DeVante Parker needs more targets, and he could be an incredible weapon on an offense that needs him. His 156 yards on 5 catches really speaks for itself. He’s the spark to this offense when it is much needed, especially after the last couple of weeks filled with failure.

What I harped on at the very end to round it all off was consistency. Everywhere except interceptions and defensive play, this team looked consistent. The run game, the passing efficiency, and the use of all their weapons made them a much better team this week. It’s not perfect and it is hard to say it’s good, but we called for change and they answered.


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