Patriots Players As Marvel Characters

Patriots Players As Marvel Characters

Patriots players each have a unique personality and playstyle that helps the team. Tommy Burch compares that to Marvel superheroes, and how both the player and character impact their respective teams.

Patriots Players As Marvel Characters

The Patriots players held their own in a great Thanksgiving day game against one of the best teams in football, and they looked quite spectacular on the field. Each player is unique and brings a different aspect to the team, much like each Marvel character to the Marvel universe. This sparked an idea to compare each player to a Marvel character due to playstyle and personality.

Rhamondre Stevenson x The Hulk

When you see Stevenson get the ball, you know he is not going to go down easy. He is known for lowering his shoulders through contact and breaking the line of scrimmage regardless of who hit him first. He is 8th in the league in yards after contact while taking on a lighter workload than almost everybody ahead of him.

He has a total of 644 yards on the year, with 337 being after contact. This means that over half of his yards were gained after the first hit, showing his strength and power. Coincidentally, those happen to be the most prominent traits we see in The Hulk. He runs angry, and The Hulk is always angry.

Mac Jones x Captain America

Despite his lackluster start to the season, Mac Jones is the quarterback of the team and has proven to be a decent leader. He can deliver when needed, and without him, the team wouldn’t be the same.

Captain America is clearly not the strongest tor most skilled guy in the Marvel universe, but he is the leader of the Avengers and has a very important role. We did see a couple of good performances from Zappe, but even in the backseat, Jones can help the team win.

Matthew Judon x Deadpool

This one may be the best yet. Judon is ruthless and aggressive and will let nothing stop him on his path to the quarterback. His unfiltered and sporadic play puts him perfectly on par with Deadpool, who does not play by the rules and sets the tone.

What makes them the most comparable is Judon’s trash talk. Deadpool is notorious for his banter and comments, and Judon has a reputation of trash talk in the NFL. Joe Burrow even made a point to say that Judon is the “Best trash talker in the league.”

Nick Folk x Hawkeye

The silent but deadly sniper of the Avengers is a perfect fit for Nick Folk. The Kicker is a more humble and quiet position on a football team, but they have incredible importance. Folk may not have as much strength as Stevenson or as aggressive as Judon, but he does his job and he does it well.

Folk has a field goal percentage of 85.7% on the season, which puts him in the top half of eligible kickers. This mark was lowered due to a bad game against the Jets, but overall, he is one of the more efficient kickers in the league. He had an incredible streak of extra-point kicks, and he is in the top 100 all-time in PAT efficiency.


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