Chaos With the Celtics

Chaos With the Celtics

Nine games are in the books for the Boston Celtics and there is a lot to discuss. Tension and drama are beginning to rise within the team. This is nothing new unfortunately.

Last season was a complete failure for the Celtics. They finished with a .500 record and were dominated by the Brooklyn Nets in the first-round. The offseason was a time for change.

Brad Stevens replaced Danny Ainge as the General Manager, while Ime Udoka took over the head coaching duties. This season started off with a loss, but in an amazing back and forth against the New York Knicks.

However, a game against the Chicago Bulls was the final straw. The Bulls came back from 19 points down to beat the Celtics. To make matters worse, the Celtics only scored 11 points in the fourth quarter.

The chaos has now followed. What will be the end result? Should this not be a concern?

Marcus Smart and the Meeting

After the Bulls game, Marcus Smart let his feelings be known with the media. He was very candid on the lack of ball movement from the team’s two stars, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Smart was demanding that they not only create for themselves, but for others.

This led to a team meeting the other night. The stars and Smart spoke their piece. However, it was apparently not productive.

The tension is still there within the team. Tatum and Brown are not loud and vocal, while Smart can be. The issue is not ball movement though.

The defense was also an issue in that game and for most of the season so far. They are in the bottom half of the league in most defensive categories. Then there is the overall issue; chemistry.

The best teams form a great bond and chemistry. This Celtics team does not possess that. A team meeting within the first nine games is almost unheard of, but the Celtics needed one.

Tatum or Brown?

First and foremost, the Celtics are on a two game win streak, including a big blowout win against the Miami Heat. However, the writing has been on the wall since last season. Tatum and Brown might not be able to win together.

Brown has been great this season. He is averaging 25.6 points per game, while shooting 49% from the field. Tatum is on the other end of the spectrum.

Tatum is averaging just 22.7 points per game, while shooting a pitiful 37% from the field. He is also shooting 29% from three. The trend seems to be that one has a hard time playing well when the other one has it going that night.

The talks are not out there quite yet. However, perhaps it is time to think about building with one over the other.

They are very similar in play style. Teammates have questioned their playmaking abilities. Maybe it is best to move one and have a roster that can fit properly.


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